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MALYAN MA22 Belt 3D Printer

How to get the perfect 3D printing effect – MALYAN Exclusive Super Adhesion Belt !

The MALYAN Super Adhesion Belt on the MA22 offers superior print adhesion and smooth print quality. Compared to other nylon belts on the market, MALYAN’s super-adhesion Belts are softer and more wear-resistant, resulting in more consistent adhesion between the belt and the printed model. This leads to better filament adhesion and can help resolve most leveling issues.

In addition, There are many reasons if you can not get a perfect printing model, such as the temperature setting or hot bed leveling. Here are some suggestions for you:

1.Increase the hot bed temperature.

2.To level the bed, decrease the distance between the nozzle and the heated bed. The gap between the nozzle and the print bed should be 0.1mm, which is equivalent to the thickness of a standard A4 printer paper.

If you continue to experience leveling issues, please send us some pictures or videos so that we can assist you further. We are committed to finding a solution and are eager to help.

What Makes This 3D Printer Special ?

The MALYAN MA22 3D printer combines traditional 3D printing with a conveyor belt system. Its unique print bed and 45° printing angle enable continuous printing, making it possible to print long objects in one piece and in batches.

Whether you are running a 3D Print Farm for mass production or a cosplay enthusiast seeking a printer to create costumes, the MALYAN MA22 is definitely worth considering.