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Zhangzhou Echo Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 2005, holds 6600 m2 area, is an export manufacturer. Since 2011, we focus on new technology product MALYAN 3D printer innovative products and MALYAN is one of our famous brands. MALYAN  has already mass production 3D printers for more than 5 years. Our 3D printer export quantity has risen to the top three in this industry since 2016.
Our Culture and Advantage
*MALYAN have mature and professional R&D department. Mechanics designing engineer, software engineer, hardware engineer and testing engineer work together to update new models efficiency. 20% of engineer have oversea graduate educations background.
*MALYAN have own molding, metal sheet, painting lines. Also have CNC machine, CNC punching machine, laser cutter and so on. All these is very advantage for the strong production capability.
*MALYAN provide professional OEM service.
QC Process
MALYAN pride ourselves on our quality control. We take our manufacturing seriously and that’s why we decided to share just how serious we take it. This level of care and control has not been seen within the industry to date. We do not wish to simply adhere to current standards, but aim to raise it to a new level in the 3D Printer Community.
Contact Information
We are very willing to explore the market with you, please contact us as the information below: 
Contact Person: Jessica Zhang
e-mail: admin@malyansys.com 
Office: +86 596 6106103
Mobile: +86 18760608584
Skype: malyansystem